Best Fire Alarm System


fire alarmThis might sound like a contradiction in terms to some of you. How can you get a really good fire alarm system and have it be for less money? I’m here to tell you that it is possible. You just have to know where to look and who to buy from.You can also contact a company for structural engineering services.

You can’t just go up to anyone who is selling a fire alarm system and make a purchase. There are many variables that need to be considered first. Allow me to walk you through some of the steps.


This is the first kind of fire alarm system. With this selections comes 4 choices. Which one is best for your home? It all depends on what your needs are? Allow me to break down the four types of home systems. This way you can be the judge on which one is going to work best for you.

1)THE IONIZATION MODEL This one uses small traces of Americium 241. This is a radioactive element. It sets up electrical currents within the detector. This helps to ionize the air within the alarm itself.

This type of alarm is really good at detecting small little particles of fire. Let’s say someone starts a small grease or paper fire or something along those lines. These detectors are perfect for picking it up. They do this all within a matter of seconds.

This type of alarm is perfect for those who live in a small home or apartment complex. It’s good for those who really don’t have much to worry about in their life.

2)THE PHOTOELECTRIC This one works along the same lines as the first one. The only difference is there is a strobe light. It will remain on until something trips it up inside.

Let’s say a small grease fire is started. The particles wafting in the air will sound the alarm. They will come into the strobe lights. Once the light goes out, the alarm is sounded. Now there is a con to this system. The con is that it costs a little bit more than the Ionization one. The other difference is that it’s not tripped as easily as the other one is.

The Ionization alarm has a tendency to be tripped up, especially if it’s put in an awkward place. It’s your choice which way you want to go.

3)THE DUAL-SENSOR This one combines both of the first two alarms into one. Now this one is going to cost you a great deal more, but you will be getting a great set up. Now if you want to keep it on the lower cost side, you might want to buy a cheaper version of the first two.

4) THE AIR SAMPLING Now these are used more in sensitive environments. Places like warehouses and labs. This is because smoke detection is more sensitive and it’s going to be more high-risk.


fire alarmThere is something called Proprietary Software. This is included in the system itself. What is so great about this system is that it not only notifies you when smoke or a fire is present, it notifies the fire department.

This is a really good system to have put in your business, especially for warehouses and labs. The only disclaimer I will add is about installation. Make sure the guy who is doing the installation is fully trained. Make sure that he has gone through all the certification and has passed with flying colors.

If the situation calls for it, have the guy show you his documentation. Have him reveal his accreditation. It’s the only way you can be sure of who you are hiring.


Always look at the size of your business. If you only have a small building, you don’t have to put out money for something that is big and in your face. If it’s not needed, then why spend the money on it?

Take a look at the batteries you will need. Batteries are an essential part of your fire alarm system. It’s not just the type of battery you need to be looking into, it’s the material as well. You want to choose a battery that is going to be long-lasting and good for the environment.

Now some batteries will be included in the system. Others will have back-ups. These back-ups will be included in case something goes wrong, like with a power outage or something.